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As a member organization of Premier, Tribal Solutions Buying Group combines the purchasing volume of 4,100 U.S. hospitals and 200,000 alternate sites to negotiate pricing through a portfolio of over 2,800 contracts. By providing access to significant savings on products and services, we help all types of businesses, organizations, and institutions achieve cost efficiencies and operational excellence through smarter purchasing. 

Tribal Solutions Buying Group and Alliant offer access to the industry’s most comprehensive purchasing portfolio. 

Buying At-A-Glance



Buying At-a-Glance

Additional Resources

available to you: 

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Supply Chain

Web-based contract catalog, price activation, contract management, and additional contracting news and resources 


Group buy and EXPRESSbuy™

A time-limited opportunity for members to purchase products at a reduced price. 


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Discount Program

Negotiated price reductions for many products and services that employees can enjoy.

of Tribal Solutions Buying Group,

Alliant and Premier 


Tribal Solutions Buying Group is now partnered with Premier, a leading performance improvement organization focused on cost management, savings and operational efficiencies. With over 30 years of experience, Premier has the leadership, expertise, and resources to help you succeed. And with a contract portfolio built on over $67 billion in group purchasing volume, you get access to the buying power needed to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive environment. 

Best-in-Class Pricing

Through Tribal Solutions Buying Group’s Business & Industry purchasing portfolio, you’ll gain access to contracts with national suppliers that the hospitality industry knows and trusts. Specifically designed to help rein in costs, participants can save significantly on food and beverages, housekeeping and janitorial supplies, printing, office supplies, facility repair and maintenance, credit card services and dozens of additional categories. 

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