Outbound Calling At-a-Glance

Outbound Calling is a custom service offered by Tribal Solutions Group. This service offers consistent customer contact that is essential to building a base of loyal customers.

While customers are contacted most often through direct mail only, Outbound Calling gives a personable and friendly touch that direct mail can't. Because it can be executed quickly, it provides more efficient timing when there is a sudden need to pull in customers.


  • Timing: In some cases, as many as 30,000 customers can be called in just 4 days (call to action/offer top of mind.)
  • Perception of Importance: Customers feel special hearing from the casino and receiving an offer.
  • Feedback: Customized probing questions can be added so that guests can tell you why guests are not coming to the property or explore what will bring the customer back to see you.
  • Competitive Information: Customized probing will allow customers to tell which competitor is beating your offers.


  • Proprietary software is used to select primary targets for specific offers within your existing database.
  • Customers are scored based upon factors like frequency, worth, distance, worth upside and frequency upside.
  • Reinvestment is discussed and provided for the outbound execution.
  • The list is again enhanced to achieve best phone number.
  • The script and messaging questions are developed with the property and SRG.
  • The list can be expanded and a call rotation put in place for regular contact.

Some questions in mind?

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