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Welcome to Tribal Solutions Group!

Tribal Solutions Group Specializes Providing Schools and Gaming Services and To Tribal Entities And Tribal-Owned Enterprises.

We are especially excited to support all your work in Indian country and give you a greater impact in developing tribal community economic development and cultural sustainability.

We offer specialty programs designed exclusively for tribal entities including Tribal Gaming – Outbound Marketing can make calls to 30,000 customers in just 4 days, gaining competitive information, information about your clients which can result in 57% net profit margin in just the first five months.

Tribal Education managed by Grade Results provides courses or schools which puts K-12 education back into the control of the tribe.

Welcome to Tribal Solutions Group!

Welcome to Tribal Solutions Group!

Executive Leadership

Dan C. Davis

Email: ddavis@tribalsolutionsgroup.com
Phone: (601) 942-0395

Dan Davis is an accomplished executive, founding and leading Southern Research Group (SRG) as a full service political/business consulting, public relations and marketing research firm since 1985. Dan has more than three decades of experience in comprehensive consultative research and marketing solutions, including health-related research for Mississippi and other states. He is a successful B2B/B2C marketing/sales strategist.

With four national advertising awards, editorial features and several trade publications, Dan has diversified business development and organization improvement experiences. He has significant quantitative and qualitative research skills, having conducted more than 5,000 marketing and political studies for clients across the United States, the European Union, Mexico and portions of Southeast Asia.

Dan has also conducted political issue campaigns on behalf of several Fortune 500 companies that involve both elections and legislative actions. He is an advocate and strategist for Native American Tribes throughout the U.S and a global consultant for the gaming industry, having experience working with 13 of the 15 largest gaming companies in the world.

Dan is a visionary fully capable of realizing his dreams and those of his client’s. He and his team have experience in healthcare, banking, retail, restaurants, gaming, technology, utilities and communications industries.

Suzanne H. McElyea

Email: smcelyea@tribalsolutionsgroup.com
Phone: (214) 906-4470

Suzanne H. McElyea, CPA, graduated with a BBA from Texas A&M University. She spent 23 years with Price Waterhouse, now PricewaterhouseCoopers, initially in the audit and finally in the Transaction Structuring Group. She was at various times based in the Dallas, New York and London offices, working in many states and countries on various financial and structuring issues. In 2004, she joined Socratic Learning, Inc. as its Chief Operating Officer, growing the startup to over 450 instructors operating in 29 states in just 2 years.

In 2006, Suzanne founded Grade Results and it officially began working with schools and started its first program. They currently have over 1,600+ K-12 schools, Charter Schools, and Workforce Programs in over 50 countries. They offer 9,000 courses to students of all the ages. In 2015, Grade Results partnered with Tribal Solutions Group to develop tribal languages, history, schools, and heritage for Tribal Entities.

Lora Ann Chaisson

Email: lchaisson@tribalsolutionsgroup.com
Phone: (985) 209-6727

Ms. Chaisson has worked with the Inter-Tribal Council of Louisiana/Institute for Indian Development since 1994. In her former position, she acts as the Program Director for the Institute for Indian Development, Domestic Violence Program, where she assists Louisiana Native American women, men, and children who are survivors of family violence, domestic violence, and dating violence. Her program provides and/or recommends supportive services including legal services, safety, empowerment and self-sufficiency and provides awareness and educational components to community members about domestic violence. She serves as a member of the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women Taskforce. Prior to her former position, Ms. Chaisson was the Job Developer for the Inter-Tribal Council of Louisiana and administered employment and training programs for Native Americans throughout Louisiana and currently serves on a regional Workforce Investment Boards, as are presentative for Native Americans.

Ms. Chaisson is a proud alumnus of the American Indian Opportunity Ambassador Program, a national organization that provides capacity building and leadership development for Native American professionals to strengthen their ability to grow their communities. This program inspired her to be a strong representative of her tribe in many roles. As an active member of the United Houma Nation (UHN), Ms. Chaisson is the former Chairperson of the UHN Personnel Committee and serves on the Government Committee. She has served as the formal UHN delegate to the National Congress of American Indians for twelve years and was the former Vice-Principal Chief of UHN. Ms. Chaisson is also a formal member of the Planning Committee for National Indian Native American employment and Training Conference.

Ms. Chaisson is the daughter of Theo and the late Betty Chaisson and is a part owner of Isle de Jean Charles Marina, Inc. During her free time, she enjoys teaching friends and family about traditional Houma cooking and makes unique pieces of jewelry from the hide of the alligator and scales from the alligator garfish. She is also a proud traditional basket weaver.

Ron Martinez Looking Elk

Email: rmartinez@tribalsolutionsgroup.com
Phone: (505) 250-5996

Ron Martinez Looking Elk is a Traditional potter from Isleta and Taos Pueblos in New Mexico. He is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts and is an international award-winning artist. His expertise includes 25 years of community and leadership development, specializing in the area of building sustainable economic development in Indigenous communities globally. Ron has worked and trained with Indigenous artist, leaders, and organizers from many countries including, New Zealand, Japan, Greece, South Korea, Africa, Bolivia, Peru and with tribes throughout the U.S.

Mr. Martinez Looking Elk is affiliated with national and international networks where he worked or participated as a Fellow. A few of these institutions include Americans for Indian Opportunity in Albuquerque, NM, School of Advanced Research in Santa Fe, NM, the Leadership Institute in Santa Fe, NM, East-West Center in Honolulu, HI, Academy for Educational Development, Washington, D.C., Ford Foundation in New York, NY and the Aspen Institute, Aspen, CO.

Ron is a trained facilitator and is currently a lead trainer at the First Peoples Fund where he is also a Board Member. He also operates his own business named Creative Community Consulting. He works with high school students creating leadership development with organizations like the Brave Girls at the Santa Fe Indian School, the Native American Community Academy, and the Summer Policy Academy and is the Director of art based program called the Pueblo Arts Academy. He also represents over 300 Pueblo artist through his Pueblo Arts Program at the Isleta Resort and Casino.